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mikeMichael Govan, MA, LLP, LPC, LSGC, EMDR II

Michael is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LLP) with additional licenses in psychology and school counseling, and certifications in substance abuse & EMDR (Level II), and is a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor (through the International Board of Christian Counselors).

Technicalities aside, Michael is a Counselor who works for his clients by providing a safe relaxed environment in which to do their work. He will help you to clarify not only your problems, but also the strengths you already have to work things through. Believing in you from the start provides the hope many clients need in order to solve life's difficulties. Sometimes you will be working on the underlying issues from which your problems originate. At other times, the work will focus on understanding how these issues still impact your decisions and behaviors. Much of your time you will be watching your issues literally melt away!

After your first appointment, Michael will prepare a diagnosis and treatment plan to share with you. Once clients see the roadmap of where the healing process will go, it becomes easier to coparticipate with the therapist to reach mutually agreed upon goals. Add to this the therapy process called EMDR (Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) an amazing discovery that helps restore lives torn by trauma, anxiety and phobias.

Whether you come in for the specialized area of christian counseling, or just because you want someone who can understand and relate to you, come in and find out why Michael has well over a 90% sucess rate in helping clients achieve their goals! He'll help you achieve yours!!!

mikeThomas Kelley, PhD

HOW GOOD CAN YOU STAND IT? Stop searching, stop struggling, stop coping! You already have all the well-being, self-esteem, wisdom, love, and happiness you need inside of you! You can live in this natural happiness and inner peace NOW by realizing three transformational principles—Universal Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.

Please join Dr. Tom Kelley on an exhilarating journey to life changing insights about how we all work psychologically—a journey that will unleash your birthright of EFFORTLESS mental health. Let Dr. Kelley help you move toward more:

  • Satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Genuine self-esteem
  • Wisdom and spontaneity
  • Compassion and love
  • Effortless happiness and inner peace

“Dr. Kelley is extraordinary in his simplicity, clarity and life-changing impact. Every physician, manager and employee who has worked with Dr. Kelley has been positively impacted by him. Their lives have changed markedly as a result.” Marsha Milburn Madigan, M.D.

“I am sure that Dr. Kelley will help you find more happiness, vastly reduce stress, and live a more rewarding, satisfying and contented life.” Roger C. Mills, Ph.D.

THIS ISN’T YOUR REHEARSAL LIFE. THIS IS THE REAL ONE! DON’T WAIT UNTIL “SOMEDAY” TO START LIVING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS! Dr. Tom Kelley is an internationally known author, educator, and psychotherapist. As a professor at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Kelley has authored over seventy peer reviewed journal articles and chapters. In his classes, trainings, and private practice Dr. Kelley has helped thousands of people unleash effortless happiness and inner peace by realizing the transformational principles of Universal Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Dr. Thomas Kelley is a BCBS & Medicare Provider.

Healing for the Mind, Heart and Spirit...