Family Counseling in Troy, MI

Family issues and problems are some of the most difficult to overcome. Each individual of the family unit has their own problems and grievances, and without a counselor to mediate, discussions can often quickly become counterproductive. We offer both family and individual counseling to help our clients understand each other and gain new perspective regarding their family problems and dysfunctions. Please click here to contact us.

General Counseling

Sometimes the root of an individual’s emotional distress isn’t always easy to determine. If you are battling feelings of depression or constantly feeling overwhelmed, counseling can help you figure out the cause of these problems. After we first meet I’ll provide a diagnosis of what seems to be the problem, and treatment plan. The treatment plan will have 2 goals for us to work on, and each goal has several stair-stepped objectives to help you see just how we can accomplish this together. Once we help you understand the source of your negative feelings, we can help you understand and handle them in a productive manner. Our goal is always to help our clients achieve a more manageable and enjoyable lifestyle through reflection and caring therapy. Feel free to contact us here, with any questions or to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

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